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Finding Love

Finding Love

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Talk about whatever the hell you want, just don't start shit. Thats all I ask for. If you dont follow this one simple rule. Your ass is outta here. I'm Not dealing with anyones stupidity.

I Gotta Be By: Jagged Edge
Don't wanna make a scene
I really don't care if
People stare at us
Sometimes I think I'm dreamin'
I pinch myself
Just to see if I'm awake or not

[Chorus 1]
Is it real
What I feel
Could it be
You and me 'till the end of time
Never part
Take my heart
Hold it tight
It's true love you know I gotta be

[Chorus 2]
I gotta be the one you touch
Baby, I gotta be the one you love
(I'm telling you that)
I gotta be the one you feel
And I gotta be the one to fill your life with sunshine
I gotta be the one you know
Cuz I will always love you so
(I'm loving you, girl)
I gotta be the one you need
I'm just telling you that I gotta be
Picture you and me
Starting a life together
We could be
We'll take this vow to love one another
Make this thing a reality, oh

You make me whole, you make me right
Don't ever wanna think about you leaving my life

I Love You <3